Nuvia India Pvt Ltd is launched

Left to right: Sir Richard Stagg. British High Commissioner, Ken Jackson – Managing Director, Nuvia India, Siva Arunachalam – Regional Manager, Nuvia India, Will Phythian – Director, Nuvia India, Somnath Biswas – Director, Nuvia India

Nuvia is a major engineering and technical support group for the nuclear power sector, and has now incorporated a subsidiary in India. The first of a series of events to launch the new company was hosted by The British High Commission following the recently signed accord between the UK and India on collaboration in civil nuclear power.

Nuvia, is part of VINCI, the world’s largest construction and concessions group, and is independent of nuclear reactor manufactures. It offers its support services to governments, regulators, power plant operators, and turnkey contractors.

Given the emphasis on accelerating the civil nuclear power programme in India and the political encouragement on international collaboration, Nuvia has committed itself to establishing a significant base in India through which to offer its engineering and technical support services and range of specialist products to the global nuclear market.

The Company is based in New Delhi and will have regional offices in Mumbai and Chennai.

Nuvia India’s Managing Director, Ken Jackson commented,

“India is taking bold steps to meet the huge demand for electricity and we want to be in a position to provide local support to the extensive nuclear power programme which is already underway. We have half a century of experience in supporting nuclear power plants and their infrastructure around the world from design and construction through operation and maintenance support to eventual decommissioning. We intend to be ready to play our part in India’s expansion programme and create a base from which Nuvia India offers its services to the expanding global market.”

Dr Will Phythian, Nuvia India Director added

“This is a significant event for the Nuvia Group and one that I am very proud to be part of after the hard work of the team over the past 12 months. We are now looking to recruit and train staff in India to deliver the required high standard of quality and innovation in our projects. We very much look forward to supporting the Indian civil nuclear expansion, playing our part to ensure the Indian programme grows in a safe and sustainable way.”