Nuvia Limited appointed to Magnox Demolition, De-planting and Bulk Asbestos removal Framework.

Nuvia Limited has been appointed to a Framework Contract worth £304 million for de-planting, demolition and bulk asbestos removal across 10 nuclear reactor sites in the UK.

Magnox, who operate the sites on behalf of their owner – the NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority), has established a pioneering framework model including a number of specialist contractors of which Nuvia Limited is part.

The work, at the sites of the UK’s first generation of nuclear power stations, will start in the coming months and beginning with the de-planting of the boiler houses at Bradwell Site in Essex and the demolition of admin and ancillary buildings at Dungeness A Site in Kent.

The Framework Contract – which was developed by working closely with the supply chain – will allow more efficient commercial arrangements between Magnox and its contractors, reducing tendering costs and provide a supply chain ‘toolbox’ to meet the needs of the various projects over the coming years.

Alan Bladon, Programme Director, said: “This gives us a great opportunity to outperform our decommissioning plans by building long term supply chain relationships, learning from experience, and increasing our ability to deliver. “

He added: “We have brought together a number of related projects in line with our approach to optimised decommissioning which, overall, is expected to save the taxpayer more than £1.3 billion as sites are delivered into care and maintenance.”