Successful Completion of the Ignalina Project

ignalina_t3The second Fuel Bundle Handling Unit, destined for the Ignalina site in Lithuania, is now being stripped following successful commissioning at JGC’s T3 facility in Caithness, Scotland. Nuvia Limited has been supporting the decommissioning of the Ignalina plant with more than 40 people employed in developing the test rig at the facility in Janetstown, Caithness.

Work on the supply of fuel handling systems to the plant has been on-going since 2009 and the equipment was approved and accepted by the client and operator in Mid-December, which was followed by a period of training for the Lithuanian operators, which successfully concluded in time for Christmas.

Nuvia took the opportunity to arrange a demonstration of the equipment and deliver a presentation on the Company’s programme of local investment, to a number of regional stakeholders including the NDA, DSRL, BDP and Rolls Royce.

The demonstration was an opportunity to showcase the work Nuvia does outside of the Dounreay site, this was well received and reported in the local press. As the Dounreay site continues with its 10 year closure programme Nuvia is keen to demonstrate its long term commitment to diversifying its business in the area.

View the “John O’Groat Journal and Caithness Courier” positive news item entitled “Dounreay contractor seeks new business off-site”