Press Release | Nuvia’s Cumbrian apprentices get a master-class in leadership

As a long standing member of the West Cumbrian supply chain, Nuvia has been a supporter of the Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC) since 2003, when it was set-up to address concerns regarding the impact of decommissioning of civil nuclear facilities on the local supply chain and the wider economy.

The BECBC has gone from strength to strength and now brings a range of benefits to regional businesses of all sizes including the provision of a variety of events and seminars. The latest BECBC seminar included a leadership master-class, presented by Sir Christian John Storey Bonington, who used his exceptional career in mountaineering to focus on the challenges of “leadership and being led” in the business environment.

Nuvia took this valuable opportunity to hear from one of Britain’s exceptional climbers, to take along its Cumbrian apprentices to benefit from his experience. All of Nuvia’s apprentices undergo a focused training programme providing bespoke engineering qualifications but more than that there is an emphasis on ensuring that they build the skills required to become leaders of the future.

Nuvia’s apprentices thoroughly enjoyed the master-class and they gave the following feedback:

“I found Sir Chris’ presentation both entertaining and educational.

He shared his experiences of leadership and team work in some of the most challenging environments the world has to offer. The leadership elements will be useful in my future career. The experiences of team work and the delegation of responsibility depending on the task are very relevant to my role. The flexibility he talked about, that the leader of a task could be interchanged depending on a particular skill or experience a person has, applies well to the Nuvia design team.

I valued the chance to listen to the experiences, anecdotes and advice shared by Chris and I will keep them in mind over the course of my career.” | Sarah

“Sir Chris’ talk was really interesting!

At first I wondered how he was going to relate mountain climbing to leadership in business, but I think the way he talked about hanging back and letting others that are better skilled at something take the lead showed how good team work is beneficial…and good team work is key with the kind of work we do.

Traditional leadership doesn’t so much apply to us yet, but hopefully it will when we begin to work our way up the career ladder, and because he related it in such a unique way it will always stick in my mind!!” | Richard

The powerful and motivational presentation focused on Sir Chris’ Everest summit in a Norwegian team in 1985.

Ivan Baldwin, Nuvia’s regional Business Development Manager said:

“I agreed with the sentiments of our apprentices, Richard and Sarah, in addition one major thing that I personally learned was the value of humility in leadership; putting the needs of the group and the collective aim ahead of one’s own personal goals. This was demonstrated by the Norwegian entrepreneur who funded the endeavour; he ensured that they were successful as a group by sacrificing his own personal opportunity to be the 1st ever Norwegian man to reach the top of Everest. Indeed he put himself much lower down the pecking order of those to ascend.”