Press Release | Nuvia’s innovative waste characterisation services

Waste Characterisation Services within the UK nuclear industry have undergone a significant period of change not least because of the position of the UK’s nuclear licenced sites within the decommissioning cycle.

The change has been accelerated through an increased emphasis on reducing the disposal of waste at the Low Level Waste Repository with a continuing drive to use this resource efficiently.

Nuvia has responded to the needs of its clients to more accurately categorise waste and assign them to the appropriate waste stream, saving both time and cost, by introducing several new and innovative services.

These new services incorporate the High Resolution Assay Monitor (HiRAM) and Gamma Excavation Monitor (GEM), two complementary bulk monitoring systems.

The GEM system is based on the measurement of gross gamma activity in mechanical excavator buckets and is capable of real-time assay of excavated materials during clearance works. HiRAM is a process, by which bulk wastes can be assayed at the clients’ site, using a turntable combined with a High Resolution Germanium detector.

The two systems provide an efficient means of accurately characterising waste at source, enabling timely decisions to be made and materials to be transported out of the working area for reuse and/or disposal.