No hanging around – Nuvia supports Sellafield Ltd in 55m tall stack removal project

Nuvia, in conjunction with sister company VINCI Construction UK and industrial lifting contractor Mammoet, has been supporting the Sellafield Ltd in the temporary removal of a 55m tall ventilation stack. Planning for the removal has taken approximately 18 months and has made a significant change to the Sellafield skyline.

The 100 tonne Silos Direct encapsulation Plant (SDP) stack was successfully lifted and then loaded onto a Self Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) in order to transfer it to an on-site storage location, where it will remain until its re-erection in the future.

After its re-erection SDP will provide a grout encapsulation process for intermediate level waste, supporting the decommissioning operations taking place on the Sellafield Site.

View the time-lapse video, courtesy of Sellafield Ltd, and to read further details click here.