Nuvia Canada and NA Engineering Associates announce signing of Cooperation Agreement

Leading engineering service providers Nuvia Canada Inc. (Nuvia) and NA Engineering Associates Inc. (NAE) have signed a strategic agreement to expand and deepen their relationship within the Canadian nuclear industry. The agreement establishes a framework for the companies to leverage their complementary strengths for selected projects in order to provide additional value to clients, better serve the dynamic Canadian nuclear marketplace, and support mutual long-term growth objectives.

Areas of potential future cooperation include the revitalization of research facilities at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, the refurbishment of major components and assets at Bruce Power and Ontario Power Generation, and the ongoing full life cycle support of international nuclear utilities and laboratories.

The strategic agreement has the full support of the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA).

“As the Canadian nuclear industry moves ahead with major reactor refurbishments that will extend the production of safe and clean electricity in Ontario until mid-century, we applaud NA Engineering Associates’ efforts to forge strategic relationships with international nuclear leaders such as the Nuvia Group” said CNA President and CEO Dr. John Barrett. “These types of initiatives enhance collaborative best practices and nuclear expertise for our industry.”

The agreement was signed in Harwell, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (UK), by Nuvia President Keith Collett, Nuvia Operations Director David Millington, and Nick Aroutzidis, President and CEO of NAE during NAE’s recent visit to the UK.

“We have been working closely with NA Engineering Associates and are very pleased to have reached this milestone in our relationship in order to provide our clients a more competitive and broader range of nuclear innovations” said Keith Collett. “Together with NAE, we are looking forward to supporting nuclear’s commitment to Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan and R&D capabilities with the latest technologies under the most robust of quality assurance programs.”