Skilled operators with experience in all aspects of nuclear facility operation and maintenance

The Challenge

There is a growing need for outsourced services at many nuclear sites to cope with peaks of demand as well as to reduce the overhead burden on the site operator. Essential services thus remain an integral part of the site operations but need to be both independent and reliable. Such operational services could range from management of category one facilities, operating a waste treatment plant for a fixed duration or providing a permanent on-site active laundry service.

The increasing trend of outsourcing services and the difficulty of managing peaks requires the availability of skilled, nuclear trained and security cleared staff, to avoid a potentially costly and frustrating situation.

Our Approach
Nuvia can offer a comprehensive range of operational support services encompassing most aspects of nuclear site operations through to task orientated delivery teams.

Nuvia is a specialist in the provision of short and long term teams who are willing to undertake both the challenging and sometimes more mundane but important activities that ensure the smooth and safe operation of a nuclear site. Nuvia’s operational staff have specific nuclear skills, are familiar with the majority of site rules and regulations and are fully trained in all activities they undertake.

Our teams have worked alongside nuclear operators for many years and we have facilities close to the majority of major nuclear sites in the UK and France. We have a highly skilled and flexible workforce that can mobilise to assist clients at short notice.

All operational staff receive practical training in Nuvia’s in–house training schools. They are continuously monitored via a tutoring system, thereby ensuring a highly qualified workforce for the expert management and operation of our customers’ facilities and sites.

Training includes the ability to undertake work in tritium and alpha environments and Nuvia is regarded as a benchmark service provider in this demanding area of operation.

Our Solutions

A complete range of services
With its multidisciplinary teams, Nuvia manages the operation of nuclear facilities and supporting units, offering its customers equipment control and operation, maintenance, project supervision, and the shared objectives of reliability and safety over a wide technical scope in order to optimise performance and profitability. We share with our customers the same exacting standards and determination in terms of safety, security and environmental protection.

Nuclear Logistics
Nuvia provides comprehensive logistics support services for operations carried out on industrial/nuclear plants:

  • Support for projects and operators
  • Design and installation of static and dynamic containment devices
  • Design and implementation of biological shields
  • In situ decontamination of tools, equipment and reactor pools
  • Lifting and handling including operation of forklifts, bridge and polar cranes and jib cranes
  • Change rooms services
  • On site transport
  • On call support to site management

Facility Operation
The services provided by Nuvia’s teams include:

  • Waste conditioning and processing plant
  • Tool warehousing and maintenance
  • Safety and radiation protection equipment warehousing and maintenance
  • Management of radiological laundry services
  • Coordination and scheduling of activities in conjunction with customers and other service providers including the management of subcontractors
  • Site operations and maintenance eg demolition, cleaning, painting and refurbishment etc
  • Operation of equipment, eg in cell activities
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 maintenance and regulatory inspections and tests
  • Decontamination operations including insitu, eg pond clean up
  • Technical assistance eg dressing, biological protection

Waste Management
Nuvia provides waste management services, technical support, maintenance, nuclear logistics and unit operation, employing and optimising a range of processes (a total productive maintenance approach).

  • Characterisation, conditioning, segregation, sentencing and transportation
  • In cell repackaging
  • Size reduction
  • Monitoring of orphan wastes
  • NORM descaling

Nuvia’s approach to waste management is to focus on waste minimisation for optimum packaging and disposal.