Plant Life Extension

Innovative products and proposals based on real plant experience

The Challenge

Nuclear power is an important component of the world’s energy supply mix and it is increasingly recognised as having a key role to play in long-term, low carbon, sustainable energy strategies.

For many operating nuclear power plants it has been demonstrated to the satisfaction of regulators that plant life can be extended through the application of technical improvements, safety upgrades and other modifications so that the plants can be operated safely and efficiently for a significantly longer period than was envisaged when they were designed.

Nuvia – A Unique Know-How
Our multidisciplinary teams take charge of the entire project, integrating all the technical specialisms that need to be deployed in a nuclear environment whilst taking account of radiation protection, safety and security requirements.

Nuvia is organised to deliver to the world-wide nuclear power market by providing integrated teams from across its technical units. Our products and services are designed to support clients through all stages of the nuclear life cycle.

With a resource base of approximately 1900 to call upon, including internationally recognised experts, Nuvia is able to provide effective simultaneous technical support across a wide range of clients.

Our Solutions

Multidisciplinary Teams with Design and Build Expertise
Nuvia provides solutions intended to meet plant performance and regulatory requirements whilst seeking to optimise availability of the plant. We work with our clients on all phases of a project, from diagnosis, expert assessment, preliminary design studies, financial estimates and solution design through to construction and ongoing monitoring and control.

Nuvia has been involved in plant life extension operations on nuclear power plants for over 30 years. We provide a range of services covering maintenance, regeneration schemes, safety standard compliance works and plant modifications and upgrades to meet regulatory challenges and increasingly stringent safety standards.

Plant life extension requires coordination and responsiveness if solutions are to be adapted to the reality of a structure. Design and build integration means that we can offer innovative products and proposals – based on real plant experience – within a culture of sound cost and time management; a fully coordinated approach with global interface management.