Radiation Protection

Comprehensive dose control through monitoring, shielding and modelling

The Challenge

All companies that work with ionising radiation are required to protect workers, the public and the environment from the potentially harmful effects of radiation. Radioactive materials are used in a wide range of industries around the world and some radioactive materials are produced, sometimes as by-products, from other processes such as oil extraction. It is essential that companies working with radioactive materials ensure that their practices are justified, safe, comply with relevant legislation, and are fit for purpose.

Our Approach
Nuvia offers a fully integrated approach to provide the customer with a complete solution. Our health physics capability forms an integral part of all of our activities including new build, plant life extension, operations, decommissioning and waste management.

We provide tailored radiological protection solutions for workers, the environment and for waste management. Our solutions are fully compliant with relevant legislation and fit for our clients’ business and industry. Nuvia works with clients to assist them in understanding the requirements of, and compliance with, all relevant legislation.

Nuvia employs over 600 highly skilled and qualified personnel in the business of radiation protection. Our focus on training and refresher training gives our clients total confidence in the reliability, knowledge and competence of our workforce.

Our business is organised to meet our clients’ needs so that we can offer a flexible and comprehensive range of products and services. We can deliver an all-encompassing managed service, bespoke solutions or technical innovations. Importantly Nuvia recognises that the nuclear industry or industries that use radioactive materials can have peak or unforeseen demands for radiation protection workers; our flexible resource management allows us to meet these demands successfully.

We have staff based in many locations around the UK and France on, or close to, nuclear facilities as well as in other areas of the world. We can mobilise rapidly to support operations anywhere in the world and our specialists are on call 24/7, ensuring that advice and support are available every day of the year.

Beach Monitoring using Groundhog

Groundhog Beach Monitoring

Our Solutions

A complete range of services
Nuvia is recognised internationally as a world-class provider of radiation safety services. We provide support, consultancy and expertise in all aspects of radiation protection and characterisation of radioactive materials.

Our highly trained, committed and professional workforce operates in private businesses, large government organisations and multi-national corporations, using their comprehensive experience to deliver a wide range of radiation safety services – from radiation protection advice to inventory control and source management.

Dose Reduction
Doses are controlled and minimised through continuous radiological monitoring, shielding calculations and computer modelling. We can provide fire-resistant biological shielding material to reduce neutron and gamma-ray dose rates.

Radiation Safety Training
Nuvia supplies Radiation Safety Training services for clients with an emphasis on tailoring objectives and content to the client’s own circumstances.

Radiation Dosimetry
The doses of radiation workers are monitored and recorded using our Approved Dosimetry Services for: external gamma, x-ray, and beta dosimetry; whole body monitoring; wound monitoring; personal air sampling; routine and emergency bioassay and record-keeping.

Radiological Monitoring
Radiological monitoring is provided in support of reactor outages, decommissioning and environmental and land restoration projects where to demonstrate that land previously used for activities involving radioactive material is free of contamination, and can be released for public use. For these projects, extensive monitoring is required and Nuvia’s state of the art equipment and technology delivers rapid, accurate, high-density measurements using both hand-held and vehicle-mounted apparatus for cost-effective surveys of large areas.

Radiation monitoring is also undertaken for more domestic situations such as ports and airports (Homeland Security).

Radiation Protection Advice
Nuvia offers a professional radiation protection advisory service to clients who work with ionising radiation, from large nuclear decommissioning projects to small commercial users. The service is tailored to individual clients based on their operations and the hazards.

Radiation Protection Instrumentation (RPI) Service
Nuvia’s RPI Service is an accredited radiological calibration facility in the UK. From our laboratories we can accommodate all aspects of RPI calibration and repair.