Radiation Protection Surveyor (Green Level)

Position/Job Title:

Radiation Protection Surveyor (Green Level)

Note: If you wish to apply you may complete the online application form or email your CV to: hr@nuvia-canada.com.

Note: wage package varies from projects and duties between 45-65 CAD per hour.

Other titles used:

Protective Assistant – Radiation Protection Coordinator – Radiation Safety Technician –Radiation Monitor

Special requirements:

Security clearance

Experience level:

Minimum 3-5 Years in the field of radiation protection. Experience level of surveyor must include both practical (structured experience package) and theoretical experience.

A Radiation Protection Surveyor at a Green level, works integrated in the clients’ Radiation Protection team and will be looking after other work group aspects of radiation and contamination hazards. The work consists of reviewing REP, ensuring compliance to REP limits, legislation, use of PPE, RPPE etc.

Various instruments are used such as Radiation Dose meters (typically gamma, ϒ and beta, β) Contamination meters (Typically alpha, α and Beta, β), air samplers, smear checkers etc.

A surveyor must be able to express themselves well both verbally and written, survey results will be recorded both in client log systems such as RHIS and Hazard boards, survey sheets etc.


  • Provision of radiation protection advice to assist clients with regulatory compliance.
  • Conduct regular radiological surveillances to ensure dose consequences are minimized.
  • Support the processing and admittance of temporary workers who are not as familiar with the unique precautions that are required at a nuclear facility.
  • Act as first responders in case of radiological emergencies which could include spills, loose contamination or other high risk non routine dose events.
  • Evaluate any abnormal or anomalous dosimetry readings.
  • Coordinate and communicate radiological hazards in real time.
  • Review REPs and tasks in the radiation areas with work groups to minimize radiation exposure and to follow limits.
  • Enforce the “as low as reasonably achievable” philosophy.
  • Support continuous improvement efforts through self-assessment participation, benchmarking, and utilization of lessons learned from operating experience.
  • Updating Hazard boards and logs
  • Pre and post operational checks of instruments.
  • Ensure compliance with site rules and procedures, International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) recommendations, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) regulations.


  • Anti C – Anti Contamination Suit
  • PPE – Personal protective Equipment, I.e Safety shoes
  • REP – Radiation Exposure Permit
  • RHIS – Radiation Hazard Information System, a computer based system for log keeping of radiation Hazards.
  • RPPE – Radiation Personal Protective Equipment. I.e Anti C, shoe covers etc.